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Eric Guido

2019 Aglianico del Vulture 'SCEG'


The 2019 Aglianico del Vulture SCEG needs a good decant or coaxing in the glass to blow off some smoky youthful reduction. Beneath awaits a wild mix of peppery herbs, blackberries, dried citrus and hints of animal musk. It's soft and enveloping, yet quickly takes on a zesty and energetic flair, with tart berries and cooling mineral tones motivated by a bolt of nervous acidity. The 2019 finishes with tension and lightly-structured, leaving the palate drenched in primary concentration, as tart black currants are pleasantly offset by a hint of sweet lavender. This is only the second vintage for the SCEG, and it really shows the potential of the friut sources that Elena Fucci is using. These sources are made up of farmers who work alongside the Fucci family for decades and tend to some of the oldest parcels in the region. This is really well done.
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