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Cantina Moros


Our Story

Cantina Moros, one of 4 estates owned by Claudio Quarta, is located in Guagnano, the epicenter of the Salice Salentino DOP, in the heart of Negroamaro. An old social winery from the 1950s, reborn in 2012 to enhance the local cru in a modern style. Cantina Moros produces only one wine, the namesake Moros, in limited numbers, approximately 6,000 bottles per year.

Our Region

Puglia is a long, thin wine region in the far south-eastern corner of the 'boot' of Italy. Where the north is slightly hillier and more connected to the customs and winemaking practices of central Italy, the south is almost entirely flat and retains a strong connection with its Greco-Roman past. Puglia lends itself to division into three rough viticultural areas, which correspond neatly to its administrative provinces: Foggia in the north, Bari and Taranto in the middle and Brindisi and Lecce in the south. The "true" Puglia is to be found in the south, below the Brindisi–Taranto line, which traces the southernmost stretch of the Appian Way. Here the wines are made from grape varieties almost unique to the area, while in the north the prevalent grapes are those used all over central and northern Italy. In terms of terroir, Puglia has a formidable array of natural tools to help encourage prolific vine growth. The hot Mediterranean climate, persistent sunshine and occasional sea breezes make for a near-perfect environment for viticulture. The region’s geology shows a bias towards cretaceous limestone under layers of iron-rich quaternary deposits, most visible in the soils around the Colline Joniche Tarantine hills and near Martina Franca and Locorotondo in the Itria Valley. Source:

Our Vineyard

In the small vineyard of just 1 hectare and 3, attached to the cellar, the grapes of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera are grown from vines that are more than sixty years old. The soil is mainly clay with the presence of limstone rocks. The harvest is manual and the yield is very low for a very high quality: only 80 quintals of grapes, instead of the 160 foreseen by the specification. The grapes are processed in the cellar and by fall the wine is brought down to the old barrel vats, where they will rest for 12 months in French and American oak barrels and barrels.

Our Wines

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