Cantina Moros


Our Story

CANTINA MOROS is the smallest of the Quarta house, located in Guagnano, the epicenter of the Salice Salentino DOP, in the heart of Negroamaro. An old social winery from the 1950s, reborn in 2012 to enhance the local cru in a modern "One Garage Wine", where only one wine, the namesake Moros, is produced, in just six thousand bottles a year: the only reality of this type in Puglia, a rarity on the national scene.

Our Region

Example of post-industrial architecture, it is a small treasure chest, where art, history and modernity come together in a unique atmosphere. The name is evocative of the history of these territories, theater of encounters with the Saracen culture and also recalls the dark color of the Negroamaro and the Malvasia Nera, which are exalted here as symbols of the local wine tradition. It also celebrates the god Moros, brother of Hemera, guardian of the ranks of fate. Cantina Moros is located near the town's railway station as required by the culture of the past, when wine served as a "cutting" product to reinvigorate wines from other geographical areas. Thanks to the conservative restoration of the old factory, the underground tanks, in the past used for the storage of wine, have returned to new life and today preserve the barrels for the refinement of Salice Salentino Dop Riserva, "Moros".

Our Vineyard(s)

In the small vineyard of just 1 hectare and 3, attached to the cellar, the grapes of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera are grown from vines that are more than sixty years old. The harvest is manual and the yield is very low for a very high quality: only 80 quintals of grapes, instead of the 160 foreseen by the specification. The grapes are processed in the cellar and by fall the wine is brought down to the old barrel vats, where they will rest for 12 months in French and American oak barrels and barrels.