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Our Story

The Dei family, owners of the estate, has been winegrower in the area of Montepulciano
for several decades, although from a commercial point of view the winemaking activity is recent. The first experimental bottles of Vino Nobile 1985 were released 1988. The success of this vintage was the starting-point for the estate’s expansion and in 1989 a vinification cellar including up-to-date winemaking equipment was completed. The aging premises, were established near the vinification centre, within the Martiena property. Today the
estate comprises 60 hectares under vine, divided into five separate holdings in excellent sites: Martiena, Bossona, La Piaggia, Cervognano and La Ciarliana, from which Vino
Nobile di Montepulciano and Rosso di Montepulciano are produced.

Since ‘99, from the Sangiovese grapes harvested in the Bossona vineyard, the estate is
producing its Vino Nobile Riserva. Keeping very low yields per hectare has always been the main objective of the estate, whose primary goal is the achievement of a Vino Nobile at its almost quality, enhancing the characteristics of its indigenous grape variety.In
these days the winery is carrying out the building of a new under-ground cellar that
morphologically calls to mind the shape of a shell, to celebrate the fossil composition of Bossona. The new wine cellar exploits sources of renewable energy, primarily geothermal energy, and it is completely created with the travertine of the family.

Our Region

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