Ippolito 1845


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With over 170 years of history, Ippolito is today the oldest winery in Calabria. Located in the historic center of Cirò Marina, the heart of Calabrian viticulture, the farm includes a 100-hectare agricultural estate, distributed between rolling hills and sunny plains near the Ionian Sea, in the classic Cirò area. The company mission has always been the recovery of traditions through the enhancement of native vines, the protection of the territory, intended as an ecosystem to defend and preserve.

Through research in the vineyard and in the cellar, the use of innovative techniques, the direct control of all production processes, we seek in our wines the elegance, exclusivity, and identity with our territory. A fascinating challenge addressed through absolute quality. Today the company can boast 15 labels on 4 continents, a result that more than any other confirms a significant entrepreneurial dynamism.

It was 1845 when Vincenzo Ippolito engraved his initials on the country house that was nestled between vineyards, olive orchards, and orange groves in the seaside of Cirò. Viticulture came to prominence over the other forms of agriculture of the area, although the consumption of the wine produced was strictly local at that time.

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