Kellerei Kaltern

Alto Adige

Our Story

Cantina Kaltern has a long history. It took more than a century for our winery to become what it is and what it stands for today: professionalism, passion, a shared community, experience and the highest quality standards. Today, Cantina Kaltern is one of the principal wineries of Alto Adige, and Kaltern itself is proud of its reputation as the most popular and best-known wine village in the region. But Kaltern is not only a special corner of the world for wine lovers and connoisseurs from near and far; village life revolves around wine. Wine sets the stage here; it is a source of employment and also of pride for the villagers and wine growers. Wine is the mission in life for many people here, one that they pursue with great passion – be it in the vineyard, in the cellar, in restaurants and bars, or in retail. In Kaltern, wine is first and foremost synonymous with enjoyment and quality. But what makes this village on the shores of Alto Adige’s largest natural lake and its wine so unique is the community behind it – the spirit, the euphoria, and the shared aspiration to draw the attention of the whole world to the wine, the village and to the natural beauty of Kaltern. In this context, Cantina Kaltern has an eminent role to play and can rely on what makes it special: consistent quality through a united effort.

Our Region

Focus on quality, sustainability, biodynamics For us at Cantina Kaltern, it is not only a pleasure to cultivate and care for the wine-growing area around Lake Kaltern that has developed and achieved such unique beauty over the centuries; it is also a duty. We wish to play an active role in preserving the natural and cultural landscape that surrounds us; we want to protect and enhance the diverse soils and the entire ecosystem; and above all we are determined to produce wines of outstanding quality – with honest manual work and always in harmony with nature. From pruning the vines to harvesting the grapes The work in the vineyard involves a variety of tasks in the course of the year: From pruning the vines to harvesting the grapes, we have to provide coordination and training for our 650 members so as to take full advantage of potential synergies. At the beginning of the wine year, we also set individual yield targets for each of the more than 2,000 plots, which are then monitored and evaluated by the winery’s agronomist with the help of a rigorous system. In this context, the quality of the grapes is a basic that must be delivered by all the wine growers. Our members know exactly which grapes are going to be used to make which wines. They work with the greatest respect for their own land and soils, cultivate their vineyards with dedication, and delight in the result every year: fantastic wines from Kaltern.

Our Vineyard(s)

Among our 1,100 vineyards there are some very special sites; they have evolved over time and are predestined for certain varieties and for outstanding wines – sites where we work on a sustainable basis, in some cases on organic or biodynamic lines, and with a consistent focus on quality. In the field of biodynamic viticulture, Cantina Kaltern is a pioneer for the whole of Alto Adige. A group of members and sensitive innovators are already cultivating more than 15 hectares of land based on this special form of organic viticulture and are thus doing groundbreaking work. In the cellar, too, these grapes are processed according to the principles laid down by Rudolf Steiner. And all our wine growers avoid the use of herbicides.