Ronchi di Pietro by Monviert


Our Story

To make you understand Ronchi di Pietro and Monviert's story, first I have to tell you our story. When I was a child, like all children, I dreamed of becoming someone, of having a good job, an occupation that I could love and that could make my parents proud of me. So I started taking my first steps in the world with the intention of finding a passion to pursue, all mine. "Passion" is a word used for many different areas, often used inappropriately, other times forcedly attached to the activity that people practice daily, to justify their commitment. I believe that passion is a form of awareness, because it makes you understand who you really are, deep down, allowing you to know yourself fully. One day, just when I was looking for her, my passion found me. I was still a kid when a close person said a phrase that changed the way I see the world. I had already understood that my future would be tied to my land, but those few words allowed me to understand that I had made the right decision. Just right for me. It was a phrase by Howard Thurman that read: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself 'what makes me feel alive?' When you find the answer, put your plan into action. Because what the world needs they are people capable of feeling alive. " And to me, the earth makes me, and has always made me feel alive. On these solid foundations, in 1950, Monviert was born, at the foot of the church of San Giuseppe, which we have owned since I remember, within which all the members of my family got married, including me. It all started from my parents' stone house, built from brick to brick, a bit like our company with its plots. In the same way, we have also expanded the structure that houses Monviert, cutting out the space it deserves. Today the venue is a joy for the eyes, capable of transmitting in a crystalline way all the emotions that we want to express daily through our wines, because over time the spirit has remained unchanged, only the passion has grown, and continues to grow. Born as Ronchi San Giuseppe, this passion had to be handed down and exported. So the whole family was infected, from me, to my children, up to my grandchildren, far exceeding my childhood dreams. The name Monviert originates from the church, which has watched over our 87 hectares for centuries. In Friulian, the language that speaks our land, means "open mountain": because the "mountain" that hosts it gives an "open" view. From its top it manages to show all the love that my family has sown, and continues to sow, in this land for three generations. Over the years we have grown, together with our passion. And so the world around us has also changed, through the digitization and evolution of production methods. But to transform innovation into real improvement, you need to know who you are dealing with: Mother Nature. She, who has always been able to give us fine grapes, and we, always with great respect, who have been able to cultivate and transform it into high quality wines, trying to follow the philosophy that moves Monviert: NATURÃ DOCET, TRADITIO CUSTODIT. Because it is really so, nature teaches, but tradition must know how to keep its instructions. From the great struggles against its bad weather, to the great satisfactions given by its fruits, it is all part of a great investment, an investment in time that pays off with knowledge and improvement, staff first and then business. So, strengthened by this awareness gained over the years, we decided to interpret the term "innovation" in our own way, always keeping in mind the fundamental value that moves Monviert: respect for the earth. For this reason, we have decided to transform waste, such as dry branches, into a resource, heating the whole company through their combustion, to always treat nature and all its fruits with respect. An evolution that arises from listening to the earth, which, day after day, teaches you to take care of it: it shows you what is best to do, when it is best to do it and how. The earth is a life partner and repays you with the same coin with which you treat it: it repays respect, pays attention and returns commitment. You can have an equal relationship with the earth, if you have the patience to listen to it, the desire to understand it and the strength to help it improve. This thought is the engine that drives our family. For this reason we treat our plots by applying an artisanal care: grape by grape, as if we were still a small company. Following a passion, your passion, means honoring your fundamental values, it means respecting yourself. And it is only by respecting yourself that you can respect what you are.

Our Region

Located between the Julian Alps, which protect them from the cold north winds, and the Adriatic Sea, which reaches them with the warmth of the Mediterranean breeze, the Colli Orientali del Friuli have an ideal microclimate for the production of red and white wines, which allows a slow and gradual ripening of the grapes.

Our Vineyard(s)

BIVIO ROMANUT A small pearl, hidden among the Eastern Hills of Friuli, where our Ribolla Gialla Monviert is born. Located in the upper part of the Bivio hill, the vineyard, less than one hectare, can count on continuous ventilation from the mountains and on a sun exposure that manages a high brightness, from the early hours of the morning to the last rays of the evening. From the marly ground exposed to south-south east we produce a modern and current Ribolla, which presents itself in its maximum expression of "hill wine". A straight, large wine, full of pasta and fresh at the same time. MONVIERT The vineyard located on the hill overlooking our cellar, in Spessa di Cividale, could only take its name from the company, Monviert. Watched by the small church on the top of the hill, the vineyard where Friulano Monviert is born is arranged in such a way as to take advantage of as many hours / light as possible. The 2.4 hectares of marly soil watch the sun go to sleep, thus capturing the last glare of the evening. The natural ventilation of the Natisone Valley does the rest giving us a perfect condition for the Friulian grape. COL RUSAL In the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, the Col Rusal vineyard is the marly ground where two of the most precious Monviert jewels are born. On the top of Col Rusal, 1.8 hectares of vineyards nestled in the most noble ponca are ventilated by the ventilation of Mount Matajur and receive all the brightness of the day, optimal for the perfect maturation of the Schioppettino grape. Ancient vine of our lands, in the Monviert vineyard it expresses all its engaging and elegant character. In the middle part of Col Rusal, surrounded to the west and north by broad-leaved woods, 1.4 hectares of vineyards distil Sauvignon Monviert, which finds here the fundamental microclimatic conditions for its aromatic conservation. From the east the vineyard receives the first rays of light in the morning and the constant light ventilation of the Valle dello Judrio prevents the seasoning of the high daily summer temperatures. On these hills, thanks to the day-night thermal contribution, Sauvignon reaches ideal levels of vegetative-productive balance. FORNALIS To the north, towards Cividale del Friuli, there is Fornalis, a vineyard with 25 years of quality and "wisdom" of the vines. Less than a hectare of marly / clayey soil, with an exposure that captures the first rays of the morning and keeps them until the afternoon: lying on the hills, well ventilated and away from the humidity of the valley floor in the evening and early morning, Fornalis welcomes the plants of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso Monviert. The history of this ancient wine, the "red sap" of Friuli winemaking, speaks the language of our vines, which with their maturity best express the charisma of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.