Tenute Bosco


Our Story

Tenute Bosco is located in the commune of Castiglione di Sicilia on the northern side of Mount Etna. The estate's vineyards extend between the two domains of Piano dei Daini in Solicchiata and Santo Spirito in Passopisciaro. The first written evidence of the estate of Solicchiata is found in an old manuscript dating back to 1669. Abate Coniglio from Castiglione describes the old domain, Piano dei Daini, as an area cultivated with vineyards and palmenti.

The winery’s vision is dedicated to the mother of this ancient land: Mount Etna. Inspired by the natural beauty and respect for this terroir and a perfect balance between ancient traditions and modern technology the Bosco family has dedicated all its passion to the production of top quality indigenous wines of unique character and elegance, and with a true expression of this terroir.

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