Terra d'Aligi


Our Story

"Terra d’Aligi is the brand par excellence of a company and a family, that produces wines since generations. They describe us, the Spinelli family, as authentic people from Abruzzi: feed on the ground and look to the future. Probably it is like that. The feet on the ground is the love for the land and the deep knowledge of what it can produce: they are the tradition, the innate capacity to handle the land, feeling the air, to discover new vineyards and to exploit the maximal potential of the territory."

Our Region

"Abruzzo. It’s the Italian region in which we live, it’s the land of Aligi, the land of our wines. The shepherd is the main character of “La Figlia di Iorio”, a famous drama of Gabriele D’Annunzio, top poet from Abruzzo. And it’s no accident: the deep roots of this region are bound to the sheep farming, furrowed by the centuries-old ways of transhumance. Between the highest mountain tops of the Appennines – the Gran Sasso and the Maiella – and the Adriatic Sea, the ways of the shepherds draw the hills and slide into the valleys, touching slightly the vineyards. One of the most typical wines of the Abruzzo, the Pecorino, is dedicated to them. In one of these valleys, the Val di Sangro, our grapes grow ripe."

Our Vineyard(s)

"VAL DI SANGRO. Once it exits its mountain flow, the river Sangro spreads out in a wide valley between sweet hills, the Frentane, in the southern part of the province of Chieti. It is in this restricted area, between the mountains and the sea, that the land and the climatic conditions turn out to be ideal for the grape growing. Between the 2700 meters of the Maiella and the coast there is a distance of only 50 kilometers. The streams of air and the remarkable temperature ranges positively characterize the quality of the grapes, whereas the clayey-chalky ground of the Frentane hills does the rest, by completing an exceptional territory, that has always been particularly suitable for the cultivation of the grapevine."