Torre Zecchei


Our Story

The Azienda Agricola Tenuta Torre Zecchei di Eli Spagnol is located in the heart of Valdobbiadene, "Land of vine and wine". A farmer who, with the collaboration of his wife Daniela, daughter Elisa and son-in-law Titian, puts his proven experience, love for the land and a deep passion for his work to fruition, focusing mainly on the quality of his wines. .Unique landscape in the world, the hills of Prosecco are included in the UNESCO national list of candidates, nominated as "World Heritage". A path undertaken that intends to enhance one of the most important areas of Italy.We also had an eye for the health of our planet. In fact, our company, in 2011, created a photovoltaic solar system for its energy needs thus reducing the pollution of the environment. Renewable energy sources that can surely make us obtain many advantages both for us and for future generations. Sources that do not pollute, are inexhaustible, help to keep our planet clean and safe. The values ​​of tradition, love for the land and our work, respect for nature and its inhabitants, family hospitality and the quality of our products: this is Tenuta Torre Zecchei

Our Region

Our Vineyard(s)

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