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Bosco De' Medici


Our Story

"History is our future. A story that comes from afar and has its roots in the early years of the '900, when the grandfather Raffaele discovered his passion for viticulture, walking through the rows of his property on the Vesuvius, while savoring the taste of nature. His passion took to the first wine-making experiments, in the wine cellar of a eighteenth-century farmhouse, property of the family, that can be still visited in the Pompeian estate, Bosco de’ Medici. In that place, few steps away from the Archeological Site of Pompeii, Raffaele and his life partner, Emiddia, found out how complex the processes of winemaking are. In these years they also built the Hotel Diana – in the centre of Pompeii – and the Horse School, in the place where now we find Bosco de’ Medici estate. In 1996 the Agricultural Company was founded, and in 2014, the desire to honor the passion of Raffaele, pushed the nephews, Emiddia, Sonia, Lella and Giuseppe to found the Winery and to start the wine production of Bosco de 'Medici. Today the Winery is the flagship of the Company, a place inspired to the passion for viticulture and wine, a place that, as grandfather Raffaele wished, recalls the noble “art” of roman otium."

Our Region

Our Vineyard

"Bosco de’ Medici agricultural company was founded in 1996.In the eight hectares of vineyards, divided into small parcels – within the territory of Mt. Vesuvius, jagged in itself – we practice an ancient viticulture, that can be defined heroic, in some ways, on the so-called vines “a piede franco” and pre-fillossera, on a pyroclastic soil. A vineyard park, whose most recent plant dates back to the mid-80s. The wine making is a tradition that comes from afar and it has been testified by the discovery of a stone inside the vineyard, on which there was engraved a specigic symbol. The following studies confirmed that those lands were property of a branch of a noble family from Florence, the De’ Medici, that moved to Naples during the mid-sixteenth century, in order to modernize and improve the cultivation techniques and the quality of the Vesuvius wines."
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