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Our Story

Our dear Grandfather “nonno Plinio,” was the one who started this truly amazing experience for our family. After the war, he saved all he could to buy a tractor so that he could continue his family’s 200-year tradition of working on the land of Count Cavazzocca of Lazise. In time, he managed to purchase his first vineyard, the one our family still owns and where we still cultivate the grapes today for the production of our Bardolino. Eventually, Marcello Marchesini, the son of Plinio, took over the family business and now Marcello passed the business onto his daughters Erika and Giorgia, who follow in their father’s footsteps, respecting his way of thinking by producing excellent quality wines while at the same time giving great importance to producing them sustainably.

Our Region

The Veneto region, located in the northeastern corner of Italy, is slightly smaller than Italy’s other main wine-producing regions, (Puglia, Tuscany, Piedmont and Lombardy), but the region generates more wine than any of them. The vine has been present in this territory for more than 2,000 years, but it was during the Middle Ages that the commercial power of Venice introduced Veneto wines to other countries. It was during this period that the wines of Treviso, Vicenza and, of course, those of the Valpolicella, came into their own. One of the reasons Veneto has been so successful is due to the region’s native vines, such as Garganega, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. The territory and climatic diversity, with areas mostly characterized by alluvial and volcanic soils, and hilly or flat areas, which allow for the production of many different wine styles, are also significant contributors to the region’s renown. Wines can range from light and drinkable to full-bodied and intense. Source:

Our Vineyard

We currently produce grapes from 12 hectares of land distributed between 4 different vineyards. All our native vines are situated in the Bardolino Classic area just south-east of Lake Garda, the true heart of this type of local Veronese wine. The year-round mild climate, together with Lake Garda, originally formed by the left-over glaciers descending into the valley, combine to create a rich mineral land, warm, dry and full of sand, rock and grave -- the perfect environment for our grapes to grow in and give birth to our wonderful wines. Our vineyards are raised by pergola and guyot in order to give the grapes the right temperature and the best protection possible. We control production and all the viticulture is exclusively done manually. Our traditional methods are put side by side with new technology and modern-day progressive equipment in order to ensure the best production of the grapes.
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