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Our Story

When I was a child, like all children, I dreamed of becoming someone, of having a good job, an occupation that I could love and that could make my parents proud of me. So I started taking my first steps in the world with the intention of finding a passion to pursue, all mine. One day, just when I was looking for her, my passion found me. I was still a kid when a person close to me said a phrase that changed the way I see the world. I had already understood that my future would be tied to my land, but those few words allowed me to understand that I had made the right decision. Just right for me. It was a phrase by Howard Thurman: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself 'what makes me feel alive?' When you find the answer, put your plan into action. Because what the world needs are people capable of feeling alive." And to me, the earth makes me and has always made me feel alive. On these foundations, in 1950, Monviert was born, at the foot of the church of San Giuseppe, which we have owned since I remember, within which all the members of my family got married, including me. It all started from my parents' stone house, built brick-by-brick, a bit like our company with its plots. The name Monviert originates from the church, which has watched over our 87 hectares for centuries. In Friulian, the language of our land, it means "open mountain" because the "mountain" that hosts it gives an "open" view. Located between the Julian Alps, which protect them from the cold northern winds, and the Adriatic Sea, which brings to them the warmth of the Mediterranean breeze, the Colli Orientali del Friuli have an ideal micro-climate for the production of red and white wines, which allows a slow and gradual maturation of the grapes.

Our Region

Friuli is in the far northeast corner of Italy, bounded by the borders with Austria and Slovenia to the north and east respectively. The region is best known for its white wine production, which accounts for 77 percent of wine produced in the region. In terms of terroir, the most important influence on Friuli's vineyards is their position between the Alps and the Adriatic. The mountainous topography in the north and east lifts many vineyards above the low-lying clouds that are sometimes trapped between the hills and the coast. This allows the vines to bask in bright sunshine without overheating, allowing the grapes to develop full phenolic ripeness and aromatic depth before their sugar levels peak. Lower down and closer to the coast, maritime conditions moderate the diurnal temperature variation and create more stable, reliable weather, offering local vineyardists the luxury of choice in their terroir. source:

Our Vineyard

Watched over by the small church on the top of the hill, the vineyard where the Friulano grows is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the greatest number of hours / light possible. The 2.4 hectares of marly soil watch the sunset, thus capturing the very last glimmers of light before nightfall. The natural ventilation of the Valle del Natisone does the rest, thus providing the perfect conditions for the Friulano grape variety.
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