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Our Story

"Naonis", pronounced "now knees" is named after the ancient Roman name for our hometown of Pordenone in Friuli. Established in 1931 as Cantina Sociale Cooperative Destra Tagliamento, the Viticoltori Frilani La Delizia is family owned and is the largest wine-making facility in the Friuli Region. La Delizia consists of 500 wine growers with 2000 hectares of vineyards that extend throughout the Friuli plain, within the renowned "Friuli Grave" and "Prosecco" D.O.C.areas. These are areas historically dedicated to viticulture and to the production of wines with a strong identity and character.

Our Region

Friuli is in the far northeast corner of Italy, bounded by the borders with Austria and Slovenia to the north and east respectively. The region is best known for its white wine production, which accounts for 77 percent of wine produced in the region. In terms of terroir, the most important influence on Friuli's vineyards is their position between the Alps and the Adriatic. The mountainous topography in the north and east lifts many vineyards above the low-lying cloud that is sometimes trapped between the hills and the coast. This allows the vines to bask in bright sunshine without overheating, allowing the grapes to develop full phenolic ripeness and aromatic depth before their sugar levels peak. Lower down and closer to the coast, maritime conditions moderate the diurnal temperature variation and create more stable, reliable weather, offering local vineyardists the luxury of choice in their terroir. source:

Our Vineyard

La Delizia uses as advanced guyot vine training system with a low yield per hectare, careful selection of the best fruit and then a natural fermentation process.
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