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Our Story

The project Cantine Russo Taurasi starts in 1999 from the idea of continuing the millennial wine-making tradition of Irpinia. We have a clear mission, that is a risk and a challenge at the same time: to use only autochthonous grape in purity to obtain typical and unique wines with a strong personality that represent the identity of Irpinia. Our vinery of " La Carazita" is about 7 hectares and is entirely cultivated with Aglianico red grape with a yield of 60q per hectare. We use this grapes for Aglianico and Taurasi. White grapes used for Greco, Fiano e Falanghina come from sites with high vocation to the production of each variety to have high quality grapes all the time. Our philosophy is to apply a minimal treatment of grapes and wine and a not invasive use of woods to get a a wine that is what the vineyard has produced. We are on the market since 2004 and today we produce six wines all produced with autochthonous grapes in purity.

Our Region

The winery has an extension of about 800 sqm, it stands in the middle of the vineyard on "La Carazita" hill. The building was made in 2003 and extended in 2006. The whole structure was built with quality in mind, from resin floor to the equipment and ISO standard stainless steel tanks. Our philosophy is to apply a minimal treatment of grapes and wines.

Our Vineyard

Our Wines

2022 Fiano di Avellino 'Donnaceleste'

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