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Our Story

Tenute Bosco is located in the commune of Castiglione di Sicilia on the northern side of Mount Etna. The estate’s vineyards extend between the two domains of Piano dei Daini in Solicchiata and Santo Spirito in Passopisciaro. The first written evidence of the estate of Solicchiata is found in an old manuscript dating back to 1669. Abate Coniglio from Castiglione describes the old domain, Piano dei Daini, as an area cultivated with vineyards and palmenti. The winery’s vision is dedicated to the mother of this ancient land: Mount Etna. Inspired by the natural beauty and respect for this terroir and a perfect balance between ancient traditions and modern technology, the Bosco family has dedicated all its passion to the production of top-quality indigenous wines of unique character and elegance, and with a true expression of this terroir.

Our Region

The Greeks, Phoenicians, Arabs and Italians have all held sway over Sicily. Though the Greeks brought their advanced viticulture techniques, Sicilians have been making wine since 4000 BC. Its dry, warm climate features regular sunshine and moderate rainfall that suits wine production. Arid conditions reduce the chance of rot and mildew, especially in areas kissed with coastal breezes. This makes Sicily a prime candidate for organic farming. In the past, farmers opted for higher yields, which turned Sicily into a bulk wine center. But wine traditions in each of the island’s regions, from Vittoria to Mount Etna, remained strong. In the 1980s, a resurgence in interest brought improvements in viticulture and winemaking. Today, Sicily turns out some of the most exciting labels in Italy – source: Wine Enthusiast

Our Vineyard

The vineyard area of the estate is 12 hectares. While northern exposure usually generates some difficulties in wine growing, the proximity of Mount Nebrodi and Peloritani forms a climatic sac, with rainfall and sunshine that allow for optimal grape ripening, particularly for the reds. Etna also expresses its energy and strength in its soil: The sandy nature of the terrain differs between the two contradas, particulary the soil of Vigna Vico at Passopisciaro. The mineral composition of the sandy soil makes it permeable, ideal for oxygen circulation, also in deeper layers. Its predisposition also allows for root apparatus to explore and find water, even in the most arid vintages. The altitude offers harmonious synthesis of aromas and acidity, granting freshness, elegance and vitality to the wines. CONTRADA PIANO DEI DAINI AT SOLICCHIATA: Vigne Curve is a vineyard composed of 19,000 plants of Nerello Mascalese trained as espalier and cordon spur pruning, on a surface of 6 hectares. The average spacing is 2.5 meters between rows and 0.9 meters between plants. The vineyard was implanted in 2002. In 2013, a vineyard of Carricante was implanted and trained as «alberello» with the traditional free standing system. The vineyard surface is about 1 hectare with a spacing of 1.44 sqare meters per plant. CONTRADA SANTO SPIRITO AT PASSOPISCIARO: Vigna Vico, an ancient and valuable pre-phylloxera vineyard. Composed of 29,000 plants of Nerello Mascalese and 3.000 plants of Carricante, implanted in the late 1800’s, trained as “alberello”, the traditional free-standing system, on a surface of 4 hectares with an average spacing of 1.2 square meters per plant.
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